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Tabakova, Tzyetana

Tzvetana Tabakova(1905-1936), Bulgarian operatic soprano, she started her vocal education in 1924 at the State Academy of Music in Sofia and also worked as an actress at the Sofia Opera. She also studied in Paris. She made her debut with the Sofia Opera in 1924 and stayed with the Sofia Opera the rest her life. In 1932 she was the Silver Prize Winner in the International Singer Competition in Vienna. Major roles in her career included Tosca, Tatyana, Dona Anna, Elsa in Lohengrin and the soprano roles in Bulgarian operas.

Tagore, Sir Rabindranath

Sir Rabindranath Tagore(1861-1941), Bengali poet, novelist, musician, painter and playwriter who reshaped Bengali literature and music. He composed about 2,230 songs and was a profilic painter. His songs comprise Rabindra Sangeet, an integral part of Bengali culture. His music is inseparable from his literature- poems, novels, plays. He was the first non-European who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. He composed the national anthems of India and Bengladesh.

Tailleferre, Germanine

Germanine Tailleferre(1892-1983), French composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory with classmates Milhaud, Honegger, Auric. She was one the "Les nouveaus jeunes"(Groupe des six). She composed concertos, ballet music, film scores, and chamber music. During the war(WAR II), she stayed in US, later returned to France.

Taki, Rentaro

Composer of the Japanese famous song - Kojo no tsuki
Taki, Rentaro(1879-1903), pianist and one of the most best-known composers of Japan. He studied at the Tokyo Music School, and then continued to study at the Leipzig Conservatory. He composed songs(Hakone-Hachiri, Hana.. etc), and some piano pieces.

Tallat-Kelpsa, Juozas

Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa(1889-1949), Lithuanian organist, composer, conductor, educator and cultural character, studied at the Palanga progimnazijoje, later studied at the Rokiskis Organ School, also studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He led a Lithuanian Choir and Belarusian Choir. In 1918 he formed Lithuanian mixed choir, taught music in Lithuanian gymnasium in Vilnius.

Tallis, Thomas

Thomas Tallis(1505-1585), English composer. He flourished as a church musician in 16th century Tudor England. He occupies a primary place in anthologies of English church music, and considered among the best of the England's early composers.

Tanase, Maria

Maria Tanase(1913-1963), Romanian singer of folkloric music. She made her debut on stage during her High School years. In 1934 she joined the Carabus Theater. She represented Romania at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937 and in 1939 New York World's Fair. In 1938 she made her radio debut. In 1955 she received the State Prize, in 1957 the medals of "The Order for Activity", "The State Award", and the title "Honored Artist of the Republic" for her contribution to the arts.

Tanasoglu, Dionisie

Dionisie Tanasoglu(1922-2006), Moldovan writer, scientist, pedagogue and composer. He attended the Chisinau Pedagogical Institute, collecting and researching the Gagauz folklore. He taught at at the Tanasoglu Art Institute, then he became the first Rector of the Comrat State University. He was awarded for the achievements in the field of literature and art.

Taneyev, Sergei

Sergei Taneyev(1856-1915), Russian composer, pianist, teacher of composition, music theorist and author. He studied piano at the Moscow Conservatory with Nikolai Rubinstein and composition with Tchaikovsky. He won several competitions at the Conservatory and was well-known for his interpretations of J. S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. In March 1876 he toured Russia with violinist Leopold Auer. He was the soloist in the premieres of Tchaikovsky's all three Piano Concertos. He composed 4 symphonies, 9 string quartets, and otherchamber music pieces.

Taranec, Oleksandr

Oleksandr Taranec(1926-1998), Ukrainian composer, he composed primarily songs in his style bound to the Ukrainian folk music.

Tarrega, Francisco

Francisco Tarrega(1852-1909), Spanish guitarist and composer, studied at the Madrid Conservatory, he laid the foundation of what became the modern technigue for the classical guitar. From 1877 he concertized and taught guitar, settled in Barcelona and composed works for guitar, transcribed music of Gottschalk, Mendelssohn, Chopin and Beethoven as well as Albaniz and Granados. He is known as "Sarasate of Guitar".

Tartini, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Tartini(1692-1770), Italian violinist and composer, born in Pirano(Slovenia now), studied law at the Padua University, and studied music from "Padre Boemo" and then played in the opera orchestra. After hearing Veracicni's playing in Venice, he worked to perfect his own playing. He was appointed "primo violino e capo di concerto" at St. Antonio in Padua, in 1723 until 1726 he was employed by Court Kinsky at Prague; he then returned to Padua. He composed 125 violin concertos, and about 175 violin sonatas. His most popular work is "Trillo del Diavolo(Devil's Trill)".

Taube, Evert

Evert Taube(1890-1976), Swedish author, composer and singer. In 1950 he received the Bellman Award from the Swedish Academy and in 1960 he received an honorary doctorate from Gothenburg University. He is best known for his folk songs and widely regarded as one of the Swedish's most respect musicians.

Taweel, Kamal Al

Kamal Al Taweel(1922-2003), Egyptian composer and music author, he studied at the Higher Institute of Arabic Music. He served at the Ministry of Education as Inspector of Music, and was elected as a member of the Council of the Parliament of Egypt. In 1965 he was dedicated only to music writing.

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich

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Tchouhadjian, Tigran

Tigran Tchouhadjian(1837-1898), Armenian composer, conductor, public activist and the founder of the first opera institution in the Ottoman Empire. He studied in Armenia and then in Milan, Italy. He used the elements of European musical techniques and Armenian folk melodies in his works. He created the first Armenian opera(Arshalk II), he composed operas, piano pieces, songs, chamber music and symphonic works.

Te Kanawa, Kiri

Kiri Te Kanawa(1944- ), New Zealand Soprano, studied singing in Ackland and won prizes in Ackland and Australia, then went to London, joining the Royal Opera and she made her debut in 1970. She sang in Covent Garden, and made Metropolitan Opera debut in 1974. In 1962 she was made a Dame commander of the British Empire.

Tebaldi, Renata

Renata Tebaldi(1922-2004), Italian soprano, studied in Parma and made her debut in 1944. She performed under Toscanini in the concert for the reopening of La Scala in 1946, and remained there for over a decades. She appeared as Desdemona in both her Covent Garden(1950) and Metropolitan Opera(1955) debuts; she stayed with Metropolitan Opera for 17 years. She performed at most of the leading opera houses. She primarily focused on the verisimo roles of the lyric and dramatic repertoires. By the end of her career, she had sang in 1,262 performances, 1,048 complete operas and 214 concerts.

Tegner, Alice Charlotta

Alice Charlotta Tegner(1864-1943), Swedish music teacher, poet and composer. She was recognized as a foremost composer of Swedish children's songs. She studied music early and attended seminars in Stockholm trained as a teacher. She wrote many well-known children's songs, in addition children's songs, she composed other types of music in classical genres, her music was inspired by both folk and art music.

Tejada, Miguel Lerdi de

Miguel Lerde de Tejada(1869-1941), Mexican composer, songwriter, pianist and conductor. He studied in Morelia and Mexico City. He formed his own orchestra in 1901 and toured Mexico and US. One of his performances was at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. His compositions are classified as "Light Classical".

Telemann, Georg Philipp

Georg Philipp Telemann(1681-1767), German composer, studied at the Leipzig University, organizing a student Collegium Musicum. He was appointed music director of the Leipzig Opera, later served as organist and Kapellmeister to the court. He composed sacred music, French overtures, concertos, and keyboard music.

Teodoriscu, Dorin

Dorin Teodoriscu(1943-1999), Romanian Tenor. He was professor of singing at the University of Music in Bucharest and director of the Operetta Theater in Bucharest.

Teodorini, Elena

Elena Teodorini(1857-1926), Romanian soprano and mezzo-soprano. She made her debut in Italy in 1870 and later sang at La Scala. She was very successful in Bucharest, she also sang in France, Spain, Austria, Russia and South America.

Teodorovici, Doina and Ion Aldea

Doina Teodorovici(1958-1992) and Ion Aldea Teodorovici(1954-1992), musicians from the Republic of Moldova. Today, there is a monument to them in Moldova, as well as in Chisinau, Romania. Ion's love for music manifested early, was cultivated by parents, later studied at the School of Music Eugene Coca.

Tersteegen, Gerhard

Gerhard Tersteegen(1697-1769), German Reformed religious writer and hymn writer. His writings include a collection of hymns. he is represented in several hymnals internationally: among others in the Danish; in Sweden a popular songbook with spiritual songs and prayers; in The Church Hymn Book 1872, he is represented by four hymns; in The English Hymnal with Tunes 1933, he is represented with the procession hymn.

Tevfik, Nezen

Nezen Tevfik(1879-1952), Turkish poet, satirist, and ney player(a Turkish musical instrument).

Thibaud, Jacques

Jacques Thibaud(1880-1953), French violinist, he studied violin from his father, then entered the Paris Conservatory. In 1896 he won the conservatory's prize. He was noted not only as a soloist, also for his performances of chamber music - Trio with Alfred Cortet and Pablo Casals.

Thomas, Ambroise

Ambroise Thomas(1811-1896), French opera composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory, won the Grand Prix de Rome and subsequently studied in Rome. Returning to Paris, he became the director of the Paris Conservatory.  He composed operas - his best known operas are "Mignon" and "Hamlet".

Tibbet, Lawrence

Lawrence Tibbet(1896-1960), American baritone, studied with Basil Ruysdael and Frank La Forge. In 1923 he made debut in Met as Boris Godunov, and premiered many baritone roles. He appeared in several films, including "The Rogue", "The New Moon" ... etc

Tigranian, Armen

Armen Tigranian(1879-1953), Armenian composer, studied at the Tbilisi Music School, he used his skill to help develop the country's traditions. He composed operas - his best known works were two national operas: Anoush and Davik-Bek.

Tijardovic, Ivo

Ivo Tijardovic(1895-1970), Croatian composer, writer and painter, studied music in Vienna, he was the conductor and stage designer at the Split Municipal Theater, director of the Croatian National Opera, and director of the State Symphony Orchestra. He composed 8 operettas.

Tilzer, Von Albert

"Take Me Out to The Ball Game" - music composer Albert Von Tilzer.
Albert von Tilzer(1878-1956), American songwriter, born in Indianapolis, he and his brother, also a songwriter, formed a publishing company and published their songs and others. Albert wrote the music to many hit songs, including "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", "My Little Girl", Oh Boy Jingo" .. etc.

Tiomkin, Dimitri

Dimitri Tiomkin(1894-1979), Russian/American composer and pianist, studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. After the Russian Revolution he went to Berlin and continued his study. He toured US as a pianist in 1925 and 1928. In 1929 he moved to Hollywood where he composed scores for film music and continued to tour as a concert pianist. He composed mainly film scores - Lost Horizon, It's a Wonderfull Life, High Noon, The Alamo etc.

Tobias, Rudolf

Rudolf Tobias(1873-1918), Estonian composer and organist, studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. In 1904 he moved to Tarta and worked as a music teacher, participating in organizing concerts, as well as performing as pianist, conductor and organist. He also worked as a musical journalist. He composed string quartets, an oratorio, piano works.

Todi, Luisa

Luisa Todi(1753-1833), Portuguese mezzo-soprano, made her debut in 1770 in Lisbon. She had a rich strong voice and the demand for her talent came mainly from the royal courts of Europe. She was invited to perform before Frederic II pa Prussia and Catarina II of Russia. She appeared in London, Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg.

Toscanini, Arturo

Arturo Toscanini(1867-1957), Italian/American conductor, studied cello and piano at the Parma Conservatory. He became a cellist for the Italian Opera in Rio de Janeiro, conducting debut there(Rio de Janeiro) as replacing conductor of performance of Aida in 1886. Returning to Italy he conducted in Turin Opera from 1887 to 1898 for ten years, then conducted at La Scala, Milan, Metropolitan Opera, and New York Philharmonic. From 1937 to 1954 he founded and conducted the NBC Orchestra.

Traetta, Tommaso

Tommaso Traetta(1727-1779), Italian composer, studied privately in Naples, and scored a first success with his opera "Il Farnace". He was a court composer at  Parma. He served as the director of the Ospedaletto Conservatory in Venice, and later became the director of the Russian court chapel in St. Petersburg. He composed operas and songs.

Triodin, Piotr

Piotr Nikolayevich Triodin(1887-1950), Russian composer, he studied medicine and music at the same time. He worked as a doctor in Moscow and composed operas. His operas were produced on the stage of Moscow and gained successes.

Truja(Trujano), Jorgjia

Jorgjia Trujano(1909-1995), Albanian opera singer(lyric soprano), studied at the local conservatory, then studied at the St. Cecilia in Rome. In 1932 she returned to the country and appeared on several concerts presenting Albanian folk songs. She taught at high schools. In 1960 she went to Moscow to study operas at Stanislavsky Theater. After returning to Albania she joined National Conservatory in Tirana.

Tsitovich, Gennadij

Gennadij Ivanovich Tsitovich(1910-1986), Soviet musicologist, ethnomusicalogist and choral conductor. He studied at the Vilnius Conservatory, he organized and served as director of the State Folk Chorus of the Byelorusian SSR in 1952. He was a senior researcher at the Institute of Arts Studies. He received the Byelorusian Lenin Komsmol Prize in 1968, also he was decorated as "People's artist of Soviet Union and Belarus".

Tubin, Eduard

Eduard Tubin(1905-1982), Estonian composer and conductor, studied to play piano and violin when he was young, then entered the Tartu Teacher's College to study music. He took up conducting in the "Vanemuine" theater. In 1944 due to Russian invasion, he left Estonia and fled to Sweden where he remained for the rest of his life. He received several awards from Swedish music organizations.
His music was influenced by Estonian folk music in his earlier works. He composed 10 symphonies, and other orchestral works.

Tucker, Richard

Richard Tucker(1913-1975), American tenor, studied privately, made his debut in 1943 with the Salmaggi Company in New York; his Metropolitan Opera debut was in 1945. His association with the Metropolitan continued for the rest of his life; he specialized in the Italian reportiory and performed as many as 30 roles. He appeared abroad in Vienna, Milan, Florence, London and Buenos Aires.